March 23 to March 27, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Refined the permissions for viewing/editing SSNs. You can now choose from the following roles when deciding who may have SSN access: Academic Admin, Financial Admin, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Staff.

Put some nitrous oxide tanks in the trunks of the Advised Students report and Admissions Dashboard so they'll be a lot speedier now.

You can now choose whether to open an LTI link in a frame or in a new browser window.

Degree Audit course substitutions now let you choose between catalog courses or individual course offerings.

Refined the way we automatically check for and delete tags that are only connected with deleted people or organizations.

You can now print term or overall statements from the Data Slicer. The results are emailed to you (printing statements is a big job that can take several minutes if you're printing for a lot of students).

Gave advisors permissions to see the Term Info view on Profile > Student.

The export of Admissions > Leads now includes a column with each lead's most recent applications status.


Added some checks to make sure that test questions A) can't have the same category listed twice and B) can't be shown on the same test more than once.

Group settings fields could all be opened for editing at the same time but you could only save one field at a time. Now you can only open one settings field at a time.

Found a few more fields and phrases that were missing from Localizations.

Made sure that changes to payment deadlines are changelogged when invoices are added or removed from a plan.

When you import an email address from an application to a profile, we make sure to preserve the email type (School, Home, Work, etc.).

If a student also had the Academic Admin role, if she deleted her Peer Review File assignment submission, she could not re-submit it; nor could faculty set a file included in a comment as the student's submission. Don't worry, everything works now.

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