March 9 to March 20, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Our rather timely Zoom integration has been out for a bit more than a week. Here's how to get started and here's how faculty can use it in their courses.

Added an automation that tells an applicant when someone has submitted an online reference for them.

We now include responses to text messages (that is, you text a student and they reply) on Activity Feeds.

Added an is not BLANK filter to Contacts > People so you can more easily find a list of people with (or without) user accounts.

Gave Advisors read-only access to rubrics so they can better inspect how students are faring in their assignments (and why).


If you cloned graded discussions, they'd only appear in the Course > Assignments view and not in the Discussions view. We gave the code a good knock on the head and it's working better now. transactions used to show in Populi as Pending for ten days after they'd flipped to Settled in Authorize. We've shortened that period by nine days, which should give your financial staff a ton of free time.

If you used our handy text formatting in a course bulletin board post, the formatting symbols (and not the formatting itself) would be included in the emails sent to students about the post. Doofy of us to do that.

Videos (and miscellany)

Here's Joseph Schoolland with an overview of online learning.

Adam Sentz takes to the blog to talk about how our company's setup for remote work means (Lord willing) Populi will remain available for your school.

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