March 30 to April 3, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Upgraded the Common Cartridge importer to better handle some of the sticky situations that ignoble file format can inflict upon users. And while we were at it, we also added a CC Export function that crams your Populi courses into that ungainly format for use in other LMSsesses. Both of them can be found in the Course > Settings view.

The API has a few new calls. Use these to make your app holler at Populi for:

  • addAssignmentCommentand getAssignmentComments
  • deleteApplication, linkApplicationToPerson, and unlinkApplication

Added an option for recurring payments that permits them only for payment plan-based recurring payments.


Re-tooled a few things with Tin Cans so that they work more predictably across just about all modern browsers.

Fixed a problem with starting and joining conferences in Safari.

When adding a new grade scale, direct equivalent grades weren't automatically calculating when you added a new grade. Between this and all the shutdowns, no one was getting anything done until we released the fix for this.

The alphabetizationalizing function we were using in course rosters would put people with last names like Bryszykowicz before people with last names like Bryszyko or even just plain old Br, which seemed counter- or even un intuitive or even just plain wrong.

When you added an application directly to a lead, and the application form's default Enrollment field was set to Less than half time, the Enrollment Field came up as Full Time. If a person started the same application on their own via the embedded application, it populated as Less than half time. Incorrigible forms. But we found a way to, uh, corrige them.

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