April 13 to April 17, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

A pretty big update to the guts'n'viscera of email went out last night. The changes improve the authenticity and deliverability of your school's emails sent through Populi:

  • The new Account > Communications provides DNS records for you to add to your domain registry, together with verification indicators for DNS records, SPF records, and DMARC enablement.
  • DMARC validation guards against spammers, scammers, and cranks from generating fraudulent emails associated with your school's email users. It is automatically enabled after you update the DNS and SPF records.
  • Instructions for the new email setup are included in this article.
  • File attachments are now handled differently:
    • The maximum file attachment size is now 5MB. If you already have an existing email template that includes a larger file, it is exempted from the new limitation.
    • File attachments are now permitted on emails sent to 100 people or less.
  • Email may only be sent through Populi from verified addresses.

The Zoom integration now permits you more flexibility in how to choose Zoom users/hosts when scheduling a conference. Have a look at the setup article for more details.

Gave the Data Slicer a new filter for Last Login so you can find out how grateful your students truly are for your school's good taste in student information systems.

While we were there, we added a filter for Student's Last Term.

And on our way out the door, we tossed a new function into the Actions menu: bulk removing a custom field.

The Activity Feed has been optimized for faster loading. Also, items marked Private now display in an attractive, yellow-esque color (the better to pick out of the crowd).

Alumni directory information now includes degree information.

Admissions reports now include a birthday filter so you can more easily send well-wishes to your leads and applicants upon another successful circuit 'round the Sun.

The Export Helper lets you add a column for faculty Degrees.


You think that's hot? Wait'll you see this: enrollment agreements now have variables for TERM START AND END DATES!!!!!!!!!!


COD Sync errors were failing to point you to the award that caused the error, making it harder for you to fix it.

Fixed a problem with finding recently-added transactions in our otherwise incredible search engine.

Fixed an error that gave students points even if they failed to meet Average Reply Grade requirements in graded discussions.

Profile bulletin board comments were disappearing and reappearing. Seems we were using Marvin Acme's disappearing/reappearing ink, which turns out to not have been the best thing to do in this situation.

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