April 20 to April 24, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Conferences are now shown in course alerts and Calendar (Populi and Google); students can also be notified via email when a conference starts. Zoom conferences now give you a password option; this password is included in the aforementioned email notification. We also get better information from BigBlueButton for when meetings end.

The Student Balances report now lets you issue bulk refunds for any kind of payment method.

You can now duplicate rubric criteria in a course.

In FinancialAidLand, scholarships are now a sub-type of Grants. And the Awards and Disbursement reports now have upgraded filters (including the ability to save reports). Start dancing in the streets... NOW.

Transfer credits include a new program-level Show on Transcript checkbox. This lets the TC count towards program totals whilst keeping it out of sight on the transcript. Handy for when you want to hide those really embarrassing courses you accepted from other institutions (Like MATH099— Intro to Remedial Number Recognition or ART205— GIF-Making Workshop or ECON443— Advanced Crony Capitalism).

Big pile of new API calls related to organizations and transfer courses (and some other stuff):

  • addOrganization
  • getOrganization
  • getOrganizationTypes
  • searchOrganizations
  • addTransferCredit
  • getTransferCreditProgramGradeOptions
  • addFieldOfStudy
  • addTransferCreditProgram
  • approveTransferCredits
  • addTagand removeTagnow work for organizations
  • getStudentProgramsnow returns is_transfer_student
  • addFinancialAidAwardnow returns disbursement_id

Video files can take awhile to encode, so we added the ability for users to view a lower-resolution version while the better version gets processed.


Course evaluation reporting did a poor job exporting all the results when you did a By Course breakdown. While we were fixing that, we also added headings to the export and added some validation/closed a loophole to prevent students from skipping required questions.

If you were manually-updating enrollment status (on Profile > Student > Program), those statuseseses wouldn't necessarily appear on Enrollment Verification letters.

Found a bug in the IPEDS report that failed to include certain enrollments in the credit total when calculating Full-time in the retention results.

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