May 4 to May 8, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Groups are now available on Populi's mobile apps.

When you wish to compose a letter (say, in Mailing Lists or Admissions > Leads, et. al.), you now get the same dialog with the same options: first you choose a letter template (if available) and then you choose a page layout. Populi will then plug the letter template's contents into the {!BODY!}variable in the layout.

The new Recipient Online Payment URLemail variable lets you include a link to the recipient's Pay Now online payment page. A few other new variables:

  • {!RECIPIENT_POPULI_ID!}links the recipient back to their own Populi profile.
  • {!RECIPIENT_PRIMARY_ADDRESS_ML!}and {!RECIPIENT_PRIMARY_ADDRESS_SL!}show the recipient's address in single- or multi-line versions.
  • {!RECIPIENT_PRIMARY_EMAIL!}and {!RECIPIENT_PRIMARY_PHONE!}these add... well, let's see if you actually read the names of those variables.

Updated some XML-something-or-other and now we can sync awards with COD for the 2020-2021 aid year.

Added degree information to the underlying data part of the Admissions > Funnel Report export.

Over in APIville, we gave some new parameters to getPendingCharges(to-wit: person_id) and invoicePendingCharges(to-wit: fee_id). If you're really nice, we might give you some new parameters, too.


Both Great Britain and United Kingdom were in our country list before. It's been replaced with the far more timeless Britannia. UPDATE: Actually, looks like we went with boring old United Kingdom. Populi, playing it safe again.

Did something similar where we changed the country abbreviation for the United States of America from USA to the more milquetoast US.

Fixed it so that students can no longer decline subsidized Direct Loans if they still have unsubsidized Direct Loans still in play.

Refund checks were only aware of the student's name, not necessarily the payer's name. This could result in refund checks paid by a third party that were made out to the student. Useless! But one of the guys made these checks more useful.

Students with reversed charges could sometimes see discrepancies between the Pay Now amount and the balance shown in their financial history.

If a student had EFC substitutions, he would see a different amount of Remaining Need on Profile > Financial Aid than a Financial Aid user would see.

Fixed a "jacked-up" Profile > Financial > Dashboard Summary display. That's all they told me, that it was "jacked-up".

Decided to go ahead and hide retired programs when setting up SAP Policies so you didn't go and make one for a program you don't even offer any more. Sheesh.

Made sure to add some filtering to the report when you click the Alert for ___ overdue disbursements.

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