April 27 to May 1, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Stripe users have a new Check Status Now link on the payment details page for e-checks—it links to information about the check's settlement status.

The report filter for financial aid Awards is now sorted alphabetically.


Crosslisted courses could show assignment alerts to students who weren't meant to participate in them, a horrific breach of etiquette.

Found a double-counting bug in course groups where if courses were counted as equivalent to other courses in that group, courses requiring that course group as a pre-requisite would count both the equivalent and the other (untaken) course as Taken.

'Twas a bug that stripped out mailto:links in lessons if the address wasn't part of the school's domain (e.g.

Decided it makes more sense for the term selector to organize terms by Start Date rather than alphabetically, which is what we were apparently doing before.


A couple new training videos from Joseph Schoolland:

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