May 18 to May 22, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

There's a new option for Populi account administrators to free up a deleted username for re-use by a new user account. Previously you'd have to ask us to do that on your behalf. This tutorial describes how to use the new option.

Spruced up the XLS exports for book and supply lists:

  • Added course name(s) to both exports.
  • Added Date Added to the supply export.
  • You can now export the supply list from Academic Term > Courses.

The filter lists in Data Slicer weren't nearly long enough, so we added a few new GPA-ish things: Cumulative GPA Units, Term GPA Units, In-progress Cumulative GPA Units, and In-progress Term GPA Units.

When you export Primary Email address using the Export Helper, you now get a handy column (by default) indicating whether the address is marked No Mailings.


I'm sure we fixed something this week, but if we did, they're not telling me about it.


Isaac Grauke speaks with Dave Moja, Tax Specialist and Consultant, about the CARES Act/HEERF funds and options for small colleges. (We also have a tutorial on the best way to use Populi to record distribution of these funds to students.)

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