June 1 to June 4, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Nothing this week. Maybe next week?


You used to be able to click Resend Application Link Email and Send Read-Only Link on inactive applications. We thought everyone would love that, but the one guy who found it pointed out that that's kinda dumb. Chastened, we changed it. You can't click those no more.

Lesson Progress percentages were being fickle and flaky, showing one person that the student completed 100% of the lesson whilst showing another person in another spot that the student had completed 47%. Only mentioning this because we fixed it.

Recent Videos

Joseph Schoolland introduces y'all to Payment Plans and Communication Plans, Mailing Lists & Templates.

Dr. Valerie Slaymaker, Chief Academic Officer & Provost at Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies, talks with Isaac Grauke about events related to COVID-19 over the last few months—and also thinks aloud about what a return to normal might look like.

Last week we mentioned the new Sent Messages view in your personal account settings. This week we made a quick video about it.

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