May 25 to May 29, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Emails and text messages in the Activity Feed have a new Show Recipients option. It lets you see who the message was sent to, the contents of the message, and an option to text/email that same group of recipients.

All Populi users have a new view in their personal account settings: Sent Messages. It shows you a complete history of every text and email you've sent through Populi and gives you the same options as mentioned in the new Activity Feed feature mentioned above.

The Campus Life > Students report has a new Set Custom Field option.

We got rid of country flags for Localizations—there's now a small icon instead.

Added some limits to the actions on the Leads report—if there are more than 10,000 results, you won't be able to perform most actions; over 50,000, and you won't be able to export CSVs, send an email, or add a communication plan. These limits help keep Populi from getting bogged down while performing the action.

We upgraded a bunch of the background code for Financial—the main change you'll notice is that the URLs for things like invoices, payments, credits, and refunds have a different format.

A new setting in Financial lets you add a contact phone number for your financial office for use on things like statements, receipts, etc.


Reaaaaaaaaaaally long COA category names would make financial aid applications look all akimbo and wonky.

Um, it's Federated States of Micronesia not Micronesia. There are, like, thousands of islands involved here, and only about 20 of us, so we were more than happy to spell the name of the country correctly in our drop-downs.

Found a couple issues involving the fact that the course equivalency of a course equivalency would be treated as an equivalent course on the registration screen.

The + character was being stripped out of email templates. We subtracted this bug from our codebase.

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    Howard Merrell

    Glad you got Federated States of Micronesia right. It may help sometime. "FSM" is the abbreviation.


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