June 22 to June 26, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Oof, nothing this week. But some cool things are on the way... just putting the finishing touches on our cryptocurrency and self-driving car projects.


Teaching Assistants couldn't see the section selector on courses. Abominable.

You might not have noticed this, but we did, and we were revolted: the Student Balances report was not accounting for uncollectible invoices if the Consider Uncollectible in Pay Now setting was flipped to No.

Leading 0's were being stripped from ZIP codes in XLS exports. As a onetime resident of the 04843ZIP code, I was personally very offended by this atrocity, and after threatening to start a libelous social media campaigna customer brought it to our attention, the developers fixed it.

If you tried viewing Deleted People in Contacts, it would retain information from the previous filter and eventually lead you into a kind of pagination death spiral that could only be fixed by logging out and then back in. Ghastly.

There was a bug with the auto allocation of percent-credit for 0-point tests (I guess that's a thing?) if the test sections were made of groups of questions. Intolerable.

Residency status ( Resident Alien or Non-resident Alien) can now be saved as [--]. Guess that's kind of a feature, but it was nonetheless repugnant that you couldn't do that before.

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    Evan Donovan

    I'm so glad that the ZIP code export bug is fixed! The state of Massachusetts thanks you! Have a great weekend.

    (I was not the one who reported this - although I remember it now.)

    Edited by Evan Donovan
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