June 15 to June 19, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Couple new options at the Academic Term level:

  • You can now set specific dates for the start and end of online registration—previously, registration ended on the term's Add/Drop date.
  • The Courses table has a new Set Course Access Dates action that lets you set the start and end dates for all courses at the same time.

You have a new option to flag items on the Activity Feed.

Custom field changes are now noted in Activity Feed > Changes (and are sensitive to the roles the current user has... so academic users can't see financial aid custom fields, etc.).

The Data Slicer now lets you bulk-add discipline actions.

Online References now include a note indicating whether and when the reference was re-sent.

When searching for someone to add as a soft credit for a donation, the search results now include City and State.

Added an online/classroom toggle to the Student Course Summary so you can see both participation and attendance for a given student.

Updated interest rates for the 2020-21 aid year so that they show on the College Financing Plan.


On the Degree Audit, in-progress clinical hours were showing as earned on the degree summary. Ugh.

The overall GPA exception for specializations on the Degree Audit wasn't working. Blerg.

When assigning an admissions representative to a lead generated from an ISIR, the rep wouldn't necessarily get an email. Gaaah.

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  • 0
    Evan Donovan

    Just wondering: Are there any things that happen when an email is flagged on the Activity Feed other than that the flag icon shows up next to it?

  • 0
    Brendan O'Donnell

    You'll be able to filter the AF to show only Flagged items—that lets you find the important stuff that might otherwise get obscured by the daily flow of information.

  • 0
    Evan Donovan

    Ok, I see that now. I hadn't realized that was on the Show options under STUDENT NAME's History until now.

  • 0
    Alisha Tembo

    Thank you so much for adding the function to Set Course Access Dates! This has made my day. And the ability to set the online registration end date is pretty rad too! You guys rock.

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