Importing Leads in Contacts > People

You can use the Import People function in Contact > People to import a large group of leads into Populi at one time. Then, using actions in the Leads report, you can quickly get your admissions representatives to work following up on the imported leads.

Import the leads


Go to Contacts > People. Review the instructions in this article to learn what to look for in the file you're importing and how to go through the import process.

  • If you know your import contains updated information for leads already in your system, have a look at this section of the aforelinked article to see your options for handling duplicate leads.
  • One of the key parts of importing leads is making sure that you map one of the import file's data columns to a lead info field. These fields are marked as such in the drop-downs on the column-mapping screen. If you do not match information from the file to Populi's lead info fields, these people won't appear in Admissions!

Working with imported leads

After importing the leads, you'll see a notice about the import on Admissions > Dashboard. Click the import name to go to a filtered report in Admissions > Leads showing the people included in that import.


You can also use the Import filter condition in the Leads report to sift your leads for those from a particular import.

Once the report is filtered, use the Actions menu to update these leads en masse. We recommend assigning representatives early on to make sure you can start dividing up the work of following up with your new leads.

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