June 29 to July 24, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

A lack of release notes (thanks, camping season!) doesn't mean a lack of releases. Here's a look at the torrent of things we've done with Populi the last few weeks:

The People Importer in Contacts lets you add a whole mess of people to your system all at once. The Populi blog and the knowledge base would love to tell you more about it.

Added a setting to the Unicheck integration that lets you limit the plagiarism check to external (i.e. web-only) sources and ignore anything already in your own library (papers, etc. your students have already uploaded).

You can now manage communication plans from the Applications > Summary report.

Fee rules now let you use term student custom fields to trigger fees.

Changes made to online enrollment are now recorded in the Change Log.

There's a new Degree Verify report in Academics > Reporting > Preset > Student Clearinghouse.

Added a column for replacement price to the Library's inventory export.

The Inquiries report has a new Academic Term filter.

Application notes on the Activity Feed link directly to the relevant portion of the application.

Added income account to the Charges/Credits export in Billing > Reporting.


Fixed the text for the Disable scheduling conflicts(for online registration) setting to clarify what happens when you select Yes.

Gave a little tap to the syllabus editor/viewer to make sure it loads your beloved content when you try to change it.

Students with the Academic Admin or Registrar roles couldn't participate in peer-rated discussions because of the automatic Moderator status assigned them.

Fixed some errors with bulk-printing of aid award offer letters that would skip some students altogether.

A couple apostrophe problems:

  • Search wasn't recognizing apostrophes in names as proper search characters. The O'Donnells of the world were very offended.
  • The light markup we use to format text would mess up html entities and apostrophes.

Lesson names wouldn't sync up amongst a group of synced courses.

If you added a to-do with an incorrect date, we'd let you save that date anyway. Not no more!

Added some validation to application fields so that you can't save a field option without a name—among other things, this would make any attempt to clone the application form fail.

We now sort batch transcript exports by last name. Which we should've always done.

Payment plans didn't like it when you added new deadlines to an existing plan on a student's profile.

We weren't showing the New Activity dots for incomplete students who'd uploaded new work to their assignments.

Pasting links into various spots in Populi would sometimes result in trailing hyphens being cut off (which zonked out the link). Zoom loves trailing hyphens so we fixed that issue.

If you retired a room or meal plan, recalculating charges would create a pending credit if you'd already invoiced students for that plan.

Pop-up course descriptions in Profile > Registration wouldn't show any formatting.

Financial > By Term > Summary was exporting blank data. We made it stop that and start doing something.

If you wanted to delete a transfer institution from Profile > Admissions, first it would delete the transfer credits, and then you'd have to do it all over again to delete the institution itself. Tedious!

Courses could show as both " Used" and Unused on the degree audit.

Had to stop appending http://to a href:tellinks because that would break the links.

When you finished finalizing a course from the Gradebook it would kick you over to Course > Settings rather than back to the Gradebook.

We were helpfully included voided charges in the Billing > By Term > Summary > Dashboard view.

For a brief spell, when you'd send an email while using the Dropbox BCC address, the Activity Feed of the recipient was populated by an incorrect email and omitting the intended email.

Degree audit course substitions and exceptions wouldn't work if the degree didn't have any requirements but the specialization did.

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    Evan Donovan

    Awesome list of items - one question:

    "Changes made to online enrollment are now recorded in the Change Log." What does that mean, exactly?

    I thought if students dropped out of a course it already showed in the change log?

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