July 27 to August 7, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Images and other files uploaded to Files or Courses have a few new things:

  • Image EMBED codes now let you include alttext, which will help you accommodate assistive technology users.
  • You can now generate links for files to share with other Populi users.
  • Multi-file downloads are now more efficiently handled by emailing you a link to a ZIP File containing those files.

Added Lead Source and Application filters (and re-jiggered the interface a bit) for Lead Routing.

The Import People workflow has new options for handling duplicates.

Courses on the mobile apps now have:

  • The Syllabus view
  • Improvements to the Files view
  • A media player in Lessons that tracks playback (and keeps it in sync with the main Populi "desktop" app).

The Tests > Questions view now lets you import questions from a QTI file.

Re-did and updated all the CIP codes to the 2020 edition for y'all.

When you add a To-do with a due date, there's a new calendar drop-down for ya.

Added a character-counting criteria to graded discussions which'll help accommodate Chinese-, Japanese-, and Korean-language submissions.

The Payments/Refunds has a new column for convenience fees, which will no doubt prove... hm, what's the word I'm looking for? Something that means, like, making it more easier to do something...

Added and updated the various transcript variables for standardized tests so you can include multiple test scores on a transcript.


The file viewer was missing the Send and Trash options. We stuck 'em back in there.

The required GPA in degree audit course groups was displaying incorrectly. Instead of displaying the required GPA, it was a long string of nonsense (some examples: cccccccvjfftkuvkdcvljehffjniikkdrrceejrrhukcand cccccccvjfftkertrclndudufdkgjihfrfdkfucrlfgv). No, that's not quite true. It would just show required GPAs even for course groups that didn't have one, which was plenty embarrassing.

Recurring fixed-amount payment plans sometimes used the wrong dates owing to what the developers called a "subtle javascript timing error" with hints of cassia bark, leather, and stone fruit.

For a time, assignment percentages were calculating incorrectly unless you checked and un-checked the extra credit boxes.

If you updated someone's first name via the API, it would shove that updated first name into the Preferred Name column. People with first names like Pharlap, Mugglestork, Purvis, and Tinkerbell definitely don't prefer those names, so we fixed the issue.

If a student registered for courses and needed to sign an enrollment agreement (so their registration was pending), when they then signed the EA and the registration updated, we nevertheless failed to update lead info status to reflect the enrollment.

We weren't tracking completion of required file type assignments on the mobile apps like a bunch of sluggards and nincompoops.

Fixed the Charge to account limit in Bookstore > Settings so you can't enter a dollar sign in the field (and thereby break the setting).

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