Technical requirements: What you need to use Populi

To use Populi, make sure your computer and internet connection meet these minimum requirements. Sometimes people have trouble using it because something on their computers is out of date or their internet connection isn't fast enough. These requirements aren't anything exotic—basically, a computer with a modern web browser and high-speed internet is all you need!

Broadband Internet

A fast internet connection ensures that you can navigate through Populi quickly and efficiently. If you're out-and-about, a mobile device with a data connection (4G, 5G, or LTE) or your typical coffeeshop wifi connection will usually do the trick.

A modern, up-to-date web browser

Populi runs on up-to-date releases of popular web browsers. Most web browsers have some sort of auto-update function, so you may never even need to think about this part. And using a modern web browser won't just benefit your Populi use—it's one of the best things you can do for your overall internet security!

Here are the browsers we recommend for use with Populi. If a browser is not listed here, don't use it for Populi! Again, always try to use the most recent version possible—as companies release newer versions of browsers, they usually drop support for older versions.

PC or Mac

  • Google Chrome is probably the best option if you're using Windows. It's also very good for Mac users.
  • Mozilla Firefox is another good choice on Windows computers (works pretty okay on Macs, too).
  • Apple Safari is great on Macs. Not so much on Windows.
  • Last and certainly least, Microsoft Edge.

Mobile browsers

  • iOS Safari does well, as does Google Chrome for iOS.
  • The stock Android browser works, as does Chrome for Android.
  • The Firefox browsers for both iOS and Android aren't problematic.

If you're the type that likes to tinker with your browser settings, make sure to enable Javascript and cookies. Ad-blockers don't pose any problems for the most part, but if you do fiddle with those, just make sure to whitelist your school's Populi site.

Authenticator apps for login approvals

If your school requires login approvals, you will need to get an authenticator app, whether on your smartphone or computer.

Other common applications

You can use Populi to export all kinds of files. The three most common are spreadsheets, PDFs, and word documents (note the lower-case w there). Most computers have the software you need to open these files, but in case yours doesn't...


Populi is easiest to use if your monitor is set at a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. This is not something most users with a modern computer or monitor need to worry about, but there it is anyway!

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