Home > Links lets you assemble lists of links in one, central place in Populi. You can use this section to (for example) provide staff and faculty with links to employment information and give students an organized list of links to important documents and services.

Adding a list

Before adding links, you'll need to add at least one list.

  1. Click Add a list.
  2. Give the list a name (required) and a description (optional).
  3. Choose the list's visibility. It can be available to everyone or visible only to staff & faculty.
  4. Click Save when you're done.

Adding a link

Links are added under lists.

  1. Click next to the list to which you wish to add the link.
  2. Give the link a title and enter the URL.
  3. Enter an optional description.
  4. Click Save when you're done.

Advanced options for links let your own systems record and verify the identity of the person who clicks the link. For example, you store the student code of conduct on your own internal system, and you wish to verify that a student has read and signed it electronically. The advanced options help you do that.

  • Variables: You can include these variables to identify the person who clicked the link. You must include the {} brackets within the URL.
    • {populi_id}is the unique identifier in Populi that is assigned to each individual person. It's visible in the URL of a person's profile (for example, {populi_id}/show).
    • {user_name}is (obviously) a given user's username.
  • Signature: Populi can generate HMAC-SHA256 signatures for any link. Copy the shared secret into your own application to verify the signature.
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