August 17 to August 21, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

New on your Populi Home page: Links. It gives you a place to add and organize important links without having to clutter your News feed with a dozen pinned items. Read about them here.

The layout in Academic Term > Schedule is much improved: clearer, more space, easier to read and understand, and featuring our reformulated BPA-free lavender-thyme scent.

You asked, we answered: more places to add communication plans in bulk. You can now do so from mailing lists and on Contacts > People.

Added some aria labels to the Registration page to improve how assistive technologies intepret it for visually-impaired users.

When you remove a payment plan from a student, you now have the option of crediting the initial plan fee (if any) to the student (we used to just credit it automatically without asking you).

The Enrollments report now includes two separate filters for Include dropped students and Include deleted students.

Should you want to, you can now save Data Slicer conditions as a new report even when they don't currently produce any results.

SSO settings have a new Login problem message setting that lets you customize the error message a user gets when something's borked with your login setup.

We totally just added a siiiiiick enrollment mismatch indcator on the Financial Aid > Aid Applications report. It's red!

Not only that, there's a new Populi Course Offering IDcolumn in the Academic Term > Courses export. I don't know what color it is, though. Probably black?

To-dos are also now included in the big ol' backup .CSV.


Fixed some permissions with role removal so you can now set the Staff role to inactive if all of the other associated roles (stuff like Financial Admin, Registrar, et. al.) have been inactivated or removed.

The Date/Time inputs on online registration were breaking the thing that lets you add multiple tags to online registration.

The People Importer didn't do the bestest job it could with invalid UTF-8 characters, but we're confident it'll now at least warn you when it chokes on something.

Stuff imported via Common Cartridge into a synced course wouldn't get synced to the companion courses.

Incomplete finalized students were unable to progress through tests while using the mobile apps.

Speaking of mobile apps, students using the Android app at schools with SSO authentication couldn't log in.

If you 1) cloned graded discussions into a course, 2) then cloned assignments (without graded discussions) into that course, then 3) the course would contain orphaned discussions.

Fixed the enrollment agreements display on student profiles so that the most recent shows first (rather than the oldest).

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