August 31 to September 4, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

If you have a Payment Plan that generates a whole big bunch of deadlines for a student, we used to display all those deadlines on Student > Profile > Financial—even if there were dozens of them. Now, if a plan generates more than five deadlines, we hide the extras behind a Show __ more deadlines link.

The Payments report has a new failed ACH indicator and a new ACH status column in its export.

You can now un-link applications from a lead, even if they were manually-added.

You can now post to course bulletin boards using the hot new addCourseBulletinBoardPostAPI call.

Handed a fee_statusparameter to addApplicationand updateApplicationStatusAPI calls.

Fine-tuned the Stripe integration to make sure it accepts all major credit cards, even outside of the USA.


A catalog course that had been deleted and then restored via the Account > Changes report could no longer be used as a course substitution, even though it could prior to deletion. Now it can. Yay!

Populi wouldn't create a financial transaction when an application fee was paid IF the application was cloned. Bug gone. Cool!

The logic that generates late fees for missed payment plan deadlines had a bug that forgot to add the late fees. No longer. Huzzah!

We were doing a bad job decoding HTML entities in the Backups.csv. Now we're doing a good job. Sweeeet!

After setting a course to an online delivery method and then changing the Lesson activity counts as participation setting, lesson participation would not fully backfill. Now it does. Noice.

If you set a file as a student submission on an internal comment on an assignment, the file wouldn't be visible to the student. Nipped in the bud. Doooope.

Manually-adjusting a payment plan deadline could sometimes cause a false conflict that wouldn't let you save the deadlines. We made it stop. Cramazing!

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