Submitting a course evaluation

Your school may require you to submit a course evaluation near the end of a term or after the course has finished.

  • Populi keeps your evaluation responses anonymous and confidential; faculty and admins will not be able to match you with your responses in any way.
  • It's best to submit your evaluation as promptly as possible—some schools may lock access to your grades if you don't have an evaluation submitted by a certain date!

Getting to a course evaluation

When a course evaluation is available for you, you'll be able to get to it:

  • By clicking the alert on the Course > Dashboard view. (You'll see a general alert for the course on your Populi Home page.)
  • Or by clicking the Evaluations view in the left-hand navigation on the course page. This view only appears when an evaluation is available to take (or after you've submitted it).

Taking a course evaluation

Evaluations are pretty self-explanatory. As you enter answers, Populi automatically saves your responses. If you need to stop in the middle of the evaluation, you can come back and finish it later, picking up right where you left off.

When you're done with the evaluation, scroll to the bottom and click Submit. After you submit your evaluation, you will not be able to come back later and change your responses!

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    Christine Sima

    I am not able to submit an evaluation. When I click on the course alert from the dashboard page, I get an error message stating "You are not authorized to perform this action."  

    THanks for your help,

    Christine Sima

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