September 7 to September 11, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Leads report in Admissions has a new bulk Set Lead Status action.

We also now let you filter Admissions reports using Academic Term = None.

Academic Auditors can now add course calendars to their own calendar views.

The getAidApplicationAPI task will now return data for the isir_veteranfield.

Added an optional return_students_with_no_attendance_takenparameter to the getCourseInstanceMeetingAttendanceAPI task.

Added support for the QTI ASI Common Cartridge format.


Speaking of Common Cartridge, our own CC export didn't handle tests and questions very well because we weren't including question categories.

If a program, degree, or specialization had an "&" in its name, the People Importer would flunk out when importing that lead information.

Sorting by Paid Date on the Unpaid/Unapplied Deposits report had a severe case of the "no-worky's".

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