August 24 to August 28, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

New API calls for associating people with organizations:

  • getOccupations
  • getPersonOrganizations
  • addOrganizationToPerson
  • updatePersonOrganization
  • deletePersonOrganization

Email template variables got a tiny bit more numerous: now you can include {SENDER_WEBSITE}.

After a truly gargantuan, multi-year engineering and development project, we re-ordered the specialization Types in the Add Specialization dialog to: Major, Minor, Concentration, Emphasis, Track, and Other. A truly astonishing feat somewhat on the order of the Moon Landing or the transcontinental railroad.

You can now take a look at how your school's Zoom integration is faring using the filters in Account > Reporting > Integrations.


If you used the HTML editor to insert CSS into your email signature, we'd give you an Unsaved Changes error when you tried to navigate away.

Fixed a bookstore inventory-counter issue that resulted in certain inventory items from never being "sold out".

Mailing Lists wouldn't exclude students who should've been excluded because they had the Withdrawn tag.

Financial Admins were getting a No Can Do error when clicking the Email Students link of a disbursement batch.

Sorting the Academic Progress report by last attendance was a fool's errand for a few weeks because it just didn't work.

Found a bug that broke the birthday-announcer on the Home > Feed.

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