September 21 to September 25, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Sorry, nuthin' this week. Mebbe next week?


There are (almost) always bugfixes, though...

Like this one: an over-eager fee-recalculator could cause percentage-based payment plan fees to spit out new adjustments to the fee if you jiggled something on the student's academics side.

Or this one: an unspecified "problem" would get in the way of your assigning rubrics to test question used on other tests.

Another one: the mobile apps wouldn't let students pick calendars to be viewable within the app.

Oh, and this: our naughty API would allow you to add a Program to a student before you gave the poor sucker the Student role.

And, finally, this'n: if you changed a test question type to Short Answer from Multiple Choice while creating it, any short answers you added for automatic grading wouldn't save.

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