How to set up online enrollment periods

In this article, you'll learn how to set up online enrollment periods on the Academic Term > Info view.

  • Online enrollment lets students self-register to enroll, audit, or get on the waiting list for courses. (It is one of several ways to register students for courses.)
  • You can simply open up enrollment to students, or you can use advanced options to delay registration to a set time or set up a "lottery".
  • This article describes the various settings that affect how online enrollment functions.
  1. Click edit next to Online Enrollment.
  2. Select a class standing or tag and click Add.
  3. For each standing or tag, enter the date you wish them to be able to start registering.
  4. You can also change the end date for the registration period. This defaults to the term's add/drop date, but you're welcome to change it as you see fit.
  5. You can also enter a date on which Everyone can start registering. This enables auditing, part-time, and non-matriculating students (who typically do not have a Program) to start registering.
  6. When you're done, click Save.

Enrollment periods conclude on the term's add/drop date. If a course in that term has a unique add/drop date, enrollment for that course will end on that date.

Advanced options

Advanced options for online enrollment let you introduce a delay and/or "lottery" for student registrations.

  1. In the Edit online enrollment dialog, click show advanced options.
  2. To delay registration processing, select starting at next to Process Registrations. Enter the date/time at which you wish to process registrations.
  3. To introduce a registration lottery, in which registration order is randomized, enter the number of minutes over which you wish to spread the processing order (the example below will explain this...).
  4. After saving, you should consider editing the Registration processing message setting in Academics > Settings.

Let's say you decide to process all Fall Term registrations at noon on May 30th together with a 10-minute lottery:

  1. 300 students register between May 20 - 29. When they submit their registrations, they see something like this.
  2. During the wait, students will not be able to submit any further registration changes.
  3. At 12:00PM, May 30th, Populi begins processing the 300 registration submissions. Over the course of the 10-minute lottery, it randomly selects one of the registrations and sorts out whether the student's registrations for individual classes are granted. It considers things like enrollment/auditor limits, waiting lists, and so on.
  4. After processing an individual student's registration:
    • The student's registration view updates.
    • Populi emails the student with the results of the registration.
    • At this time, the student can go back to the Registration view and see about making changes.
  5. The delay and lottery also apply to others using the Registration view—for example, Advisors, Registrars, and Academic Admins who enroll students with a registration lock. These users can circumvent the delay/lottery by enrolling students on the Profile > Student view or on Course > Roster.
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