September 14 to September 18, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Leads report in Admissions has a new bulk Set Lead Active/Inactive action.

Huge, huge, HUGE news: we added RECIPIENT_STUDENT_IDto the list of email variables.

Added a warning to the Canvas integration log to alert when their sync operations are lagging behind our own.

Added a course section filter to the Enrollments report, and meanwhile allowed the Data Slicer's course section filter to accept alphanumeric inputs.


There was a display problem that hid certain answers when you went to edit a matching-type question with multiple options that matched one another.

Fixed an issue that wouldn't let faculty of a current course import certain files from previous instances of a course in which they were not the faculty.

Found a loophole where invoices without any plan-eligible charges on them could nonetheless land on a payment plan... AND CLOSED IT.

Returned Bookstore items with a cost of $0.00 would just pop right back off the shelves when you tried to return them to inventory.

If all your files were in folders, they wouldn't display in our otherwise incredibly unbelievable mobile apps.

The Term > Courses Set Student Access Dates action let you set access dates without any validation regarding a given course's start/end dates.

The Safari browser on iPads would lose data when a student saved an essay assignments as a draft. We fixed this the only way we knew how: by using our considerable market leverage to lean on Apple to toe the line if they know what's good for them. Your essays should be doing just fine now thank you very much.

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