October 19 to October 30, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Popped an Active/Retired/All filter onto the Specializations on a degree's page.

Stuck new URL and Notes fields in course meeting times. You could do whatever you wanted with these fields (provided it abides by the Terms of Service and Authorized User Policies), but one thing you could do is add a Zoom meeting URL and provide the password in the notes field.


Fixed a few bugs with the deleting members from a Contact Organization's members view.

Bulletin board posts by faculty on unpublished courses could generate notifications to students who are enrolled in that course.

Scheduling more financial aid on an invoice already on a payment plan could cause plan deadlines to recalculate, which would also wipe out any manual changes you had made to a student's plan.

The person importer in Contacts wouldn't create an initial entry for Lead Status change, which would clip them out of the Funnel Report.

Added CIP Code 22.0000 Legal Studies, which had been clipped after a circa-2010 name change.

If you included information from Online Reference Forms using the Export Helper, the spreadsheet columns would be blank.

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