September 28 to October 2, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Let a few new things through the gate this week...

Payment Plans now have an Auto-remove setting that removes the plan from a student automatically. You get two options: remove it as soon as the plan is paid off, or remove it as of a certain date. Or combine them, and the plan automatically expires at the earlier of the two events.

The Questions view in Tests has a new action that lets you add categories to questions (or remove them, or delete the question) in bulk.

Added a number of accessibility upgrades that will help visually-impaired users get stuff done in Populi:

  • Added a skip header navigation link. First tab press on a new page displays a link that allows you to skip focus down to main content section.
  • Improved use of dialog boxes; closing a dialog returns the focus to the element that opened the dialog.
  • Improved keyboard navigation in a bunch of spots.
  • Improved text contrast. It's now contrasty-er.

Attendance Hours are now available at the course catalog and course instance levels (and in the various reports that talk about this sort of thing).

The Financial Aid > Awards report has a new bulk-cancel awards function. As long as an award has no posted disbursements, you can cancel the award from the report in case, say, the student is a no-show.

The API got a new updateInquirytask added to it.

Additions and deletions of Activity Feed files are now recorded in Account > Reporting > Changes.

The names of students are now included in the SAIG Log's MPN import summary.

Updated some IPEDS stuff—12-Month Enrollments and Completions are so fresh and so clean now.


When 0-point test questions were graded, students would see a red X next to that question on their test histories, but how do you get a 0-point question wrong? Maybe it's one of those sound of one hand clapping things? Anyway, those get a green check mark now.

We asked the question (or, rather, a customer did, if I'm being honest, WHICH I AM): Should Peer Review Essays Move Grade Criteria when Cloned or Synced? We answered (I mean We this time): Yeah, they probably should. So now that stuff is included in the clone/sync.

We updated mailing lists awhile back so they'd sort by last name. Then we updated something else with mailing lists and broke the sorting. And now we fixed what we broke with yet another update.

Fixed a small classification error that lumped grad certificates in with grad-level programs in the TRACS report. And another that missed the exit reason for students who transferred out.

Hidden lesson files could be labeled required. But how can you require a hidden file? Maybe by clapping with one hand? Anyway, we nipped that in the bud.

Deleted submissions sometimes still displayed in the file-assignment document viewer.

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