November 2 to November 6, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The profile picture uploader/cropper has a new Rotate image dealio that lets you get those upside-down cellphone pics to turn right-side up.

You now have the option of sending a test proctor a check-in code via email (formerly, you could only do so via text).

Organization profiles now have a Student Payments view, which shows a history of third-party payments they've made on behalf of individual students.

Students now have the option to select a term-level payment plan when making an online payment on the Pay Student Charges screen. And if they're already on a payment plan, they can set up recurring payments that correspond with that plan's deadlines and amounts.

Upgraded the WYSIWYG text editor (it's called TinyMCE) that we use in various places around Populi.

You can now delete unused lead sources and types.

You can now see students with credit balances on the Aging Report.

Added pagination to the COD Awards page.

When refunding aid to the aid source, you can now choose specific disbursements to include in the refund.

Like cloning assignments with due dates? We now let you include those due dates in the clone. Snazzy!

A new setting in Account > General Settings lets account admins restrict the ability for users to create private groups.

Financial Aid > Settings > Award Types has a show/hide retired awards toggle.

The Aid Applications report has new filters for tags and awards.

Enjoy filtering for stuff that isn't there? Contacts > People and Leads > Summary let you look for people with blank phone numbers.


Found a bunch of bugs regarding how scheduled aid interacts with payment plan deadlines and sprayed 'em with some kind of chemical.

'Twere a bug that affected donations that once were linked to organizations but later linked to persons; the underlying transaction still pointed at the organization. This one was fumigated.

Lo, a six-legged thing caused us to not properly record transfer credits on the changelog; this beetle is now on its back.

Sprayed a can of RAID on a critter by adding the Notify faculty checkbox back to the Add Course > Meeting Times dialog.

Dropped this one into the gecko terrarium: You couldn't delete a custom field if it had been tied to a fee rule in the past, even if the fee rule no longer existed.

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