Texting people in Populi

Here's a look at Populi's texting features and common questions users have about receiving text notifications.

Who can receive a text message from my school's Populi account?

When you send a text in Populi, it will be delivered to active users with a verified texting number. These articles describe how users can set up a texting number and how to update it (and how you can help update it for them):

Users who do not have a verified texting number will not receive texts from your school. Generally, Populi will send such people an email instead.

Where can I send texts in Populi?

Like email, texting is available all over Populi. The three basic areas where you can send texts are:

  • Communications > Campus Notifications lets you text your entire school—staff, faculty, and students. It also lets you set up preset messages for regular communications.
  • On nearly every report, you'll find an Actions menu with options like Text Students or Text Donors, etc. This lets you send a text to the group of people shown on the report at the time (this action respects your filter conditions).
  • On each individual profile, you'll see a Send Text option (provided the person has a verified text number).
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