November 16 to November 20, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We upgraded the document viewer in courses (and a few other spots) so document-viewing should be even more reliable and document-y and view-y than ever before.


The To Be Graded view in Tests wasn't showing images included as part of the question which gave faculty and TA's a real headache when grading those questions.

When you included credit balances on the Aging report, many of those balances displayed as $0 instead of stuff like -300 or -529.33 or -12.78 or -992.12 or... should I keep going? There are an awful lot of negative numbers I could include in this release note.

If a student uploaded an assignment file to the comments (rather than the file upload area for the assignment) and the prof then set that file as the student's submission, the online participation tracker would mark the prof's activity as participation rather than the student's. Hugely unfair, and we're all about fairness here.

If you had multiple ISBN's entered on a library resource page and the 13-digit version wasn't the first, it wouldn't pull images from Amazon. This is because the 13-digit numbers were throwing a fit just because they weren't first—they don't like being told No—but after a good time-out and bread and water for supper, you can put those ISBN's in whatever order you please and the Amazon images will display.

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    Evan Donovan

    Did this also fix issues with the document viewer not rendering Word docs properly in the assignment submission screens? We have a number of ways in which we've seen that.


    Also, thanks so much for fixing the participation issue.

    Edited by Evan Donovan
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    Brendan O'Donnell

    Evan Donovan Near as we can tell, the rendering issues have more to do with an encoding issue; the new viewer is a step towards addressing the problem, but there are still a few more things that we're working on. Should have something before too long!

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