June 1 to June 4, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Over there in the API, we spruced up getApplications so as to allow application_template_id to be a filtering parameter. Along with the Space Shuttle, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Roman aqueduct system, this is one of humanity's greatest ever engineering achievements. And you get it free with your school's Populi subscription.


Fixed the ABHE report to report grad student headcounts correctly, as opposed to incorrectly, which is what it was doing before, apparently.


Since this week's release notes were so short, you have plenty of time to make some popcorn, chill a refreshing beverage, and grab a notepad as you prepare to watch this 20-minute beauty on how to cut with the grain when setting up Populi Billing. Learn how to make the most use of the automations we've built into the tool and take advantage of their thyme-saving features.

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