June 7 to June 11, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

In Admissions, we changed the Automatically mark leads enrolled/inactive default choice to When they enroll in any term. None of our users liked the When they enroll in target term option, which was the old default. (The developer responsible for the old default has been reprimanded and now has to empty the technical writer's trash can for the months of June and July.)

Now if you clamp down on a student with any sort of Course Lock, the miscreant will also be set to inactive in any Populi-linked Canvas courses. This is part of a decades-long project on our part to close ALL the loopholes.

Plunked a fresh new Fine Waived column into the exported version of the immensely popular Library > Circulation > Reporting > By Loan report.

TWO, COUNT 'EM, TWO NEW EMERGENCY-CONTACT-CENTRIC API CALLS: addPersonEmergencyContact and deletePersonEmergencyContact.


If a student passed a course twice and both were applied towards her GPA, the Degree Audit would let you apply both of those courses in a single course group without getting substitutions/equivalencies involved. This was our darkest hour.

Editing calendar events for a Group was a terrible experience. Editing a Group event from within Calendar would move the event from the Group's calendar over to My Calendar. Then, if you clicked the More button on a Group event you'd get a message saying, This event has been deleted. Finally, it would pour sugar in your car's gas tank and lose half your socks in the dryer.

Updating Aid Classifications with large numbers with commas was filling COA categories with random single-digit numbers. Hey, I have no idea what most computers think they're doing. I've just learned that what matters is whether you have developers smart enough to stop them. Which we do!

Most web browsers now ask you if you want to remember credit card number inputs. That makes sense in some places, but not in the Process Donation dialog, No-Sir-Eee Bob. We rigged up some kind of thing to prevent that.


Here's one where Josh Stevenson walks you through the setup steps required to enroll a student in courses.

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