June 14 to June 18, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Apparently phone carrier regulations (and Twilio, the service we use to send texts through Populi) prohibit the use of words like cannabis in text messages. So we added some warnings to the text message dialogs throughout Populi that rap you gently on the knuckles whenever you try to run athwart of the rules. The filter also catches nefarious terms like Marijuana, CBD, and Cannabidiol. It is strongly recommended that you not try to text this release note to a bunch of people at your school.

Added a Captcha to the Bookstore checkout page. It only appears for users who are not logged in and only when there's an unusual or suspicious amount of activity on the page. As long as you're not a botnet trying to verify stolen credit card information using the Populi Bookstore checkout (you aren't, right? right?!?), this update shouldn't affect you beyond more peaceful nights of sleep.

Communications > Scheduled Events now has new Email Senders and Email Recipients actions in case you want to email people with overdue to-dos about the new degree offerings from your College of Business and Design (CBD).

When a user's timezone changes, now we changelog that. Yay!

There's a new {!RECIPIENT_ADDRESS!} variable in Letter Templates.


The Dude Ate filter on the Unpaid Invoices filter was returning results outside of the specified range.

Sorry, that was the Due Date filter, not the Dude Ate filter.

If you filtered for Setup or Scheduled is less than or equal to 0 on the Disbursements report, awards with no scheduled disbursements would not appear in the results.


The film crew here has a brother getting married later today, so they've spent the week getting their hair and nails done and ironing the pleats in their tuxedo slacks rather than filming their epics. Tune in next week!

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