June 28 to July 9, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

A couple or three new things in the Account section:

  • Automations presents a list of the automated actions Populi takes when certain events occur (e.g., when a student gets a violation, add this tag to him and email this person). Oh, and if you want a new automation set up, contact Populi customer support.
    • Account > Reporting also has new views for Automations and API logs. The API log, especially, makes for great summertime beach reading.
  • Domains replaces the old Communications view and gives you more tools to set up your school's email domains and manage their DNS and SPF records. Speaking of contacting support for help with one of this week's new Account features, if you need help setting up a domain, contact Populi customer support.

There's a new custom field type for Donors.

The degree selector in course pre-requisites now includes the degree abbreviations.

Added something called an AdditionalEligibilityIndicator for Pell Grants, the better to make it possible to up the amount to as much as 150% for an aid year.

Added the Bahamian Dollar (BSD) to the list of foreign currencies you can use in Populi.

The College Financing Plan has been split into undergraduate and graduate versions for the 2021-22 Aid Year.

To conform with recently-issued rules from the IRS, 1098Ts will now report CARES Act funds in Box 1.

Data slicer sessions are now linked to the browser tab. Among other things, this heads off any issues where report filters could get screwy if you had multiple filtered reports open in separate tabs.

The Awards > Disbursements report has some new filters:

  • Filter by whether or not an aid disbursement belongs to a percentage award
  • Filter by whether or not a student has courses for the term of the disbursement
  • Use the zero out action in the drop down to reduce the disbursement amounts to 0.00


The Add Fund dialog in Donations > Settings was missing important details like the account selector and the, um, Save button.

Couple filter selectors were in a "this no worky" situation: the End Date filter on the Recurring Payments report and the Is Not equal to filter on the Student Balances > Details report.

Students with awards but without aid applications were not showing up on the Awards report filter.

Withdrawn students were continuing to show up on the active participation list after their withdrawal date.

Financial Auditors couldn't see the default tuition schedule of a student, report on them, or report on term tuition schedules in the Data Slicer.

Editing term dates on-the-fly in Academics > Settings > Academic Years view threw an error if the new term start date was after the previous end date.


Josh Stevenson winsomely describes the setup you'll need to do in Admissions in order to manage leads.

If you use two-factor authentication for your Populi user account, we now require you to use an authentication app instead of the old text-message-based method. Share this video far and wide so everyone at your school knows how it works now!
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