July 12 to July 16, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Made the Aging Report move a lot faster than it used to. Previously, it was so slow you felt yourself aging while waiting for it to load 🥁 no seriously you're a great crowd don't forget to buy a t-shirt on your way out...

Fixed up a thing with the COD sync-er to make sure Populi lets you comply with the new directives for FAFSA verification.


If you looked at the new Automations report you might have seen blanks; deleted automations appeared in the report thusly. We changed it so the automation name appears, together with a note about it being deleted. This is one of the most inconsequential, obscure bugfixes we've ever dealt with.

Common Cartridge imports that worked in the background (that is, you could do something else while waiting for Populi to crunch through the import) were indeed in the background, but they weren't working. No indeed, they were reading comic books and eating junk food and lazing about and getting absolutely nothing done. We sent the importer to the reformatory and it's now a model citizen.

If you included the username column in the export helper when exporting Academic Term > Students, the export would choke. After a good strong Heimlich maneuver we popped the offending chicken bone out of its throat and it's working again.


Josh Stevenson, in sparkling high-definition clarity, presents an overview of Populi Financial Aid's integration with the Department of Education.

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