July 26 to July 30, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The duplicate profile merge tool we've been using to handle your "Couldja pweez merge these two people?" support requests is now available to your school's Populi Account Administrators. This article has the details and how-to's.

The Link to payer dialog for online payments has been ensmartened, particularly with respect situations where a student has paid a recurring payment with a credit card that she used for a previous recurring payment.

Added a new automation trigger for when students are added to or removed from a campus.

There's a new Course Affects Standing filter in the Enrollments report.

Populi Home pages should load faster now that we optimized some queries and did some other computer stuff with it.


If you added a term-level payment plan to a student that was set to begin in THE DISTANT FUTUUUUURE, the preview dialog would show the wrong dates and time would collapse in on itself. Can't keep having that happen!

Fixed an edge-case issue where a student IP address wouldn't be recorded for a test attempt if he didn't answer any questions before leaving the test.

We clarified the Disable Financial setting text in Account > General Settings > Customizations. If you want to see what we did with it, you'll need to just head on over there and check it out. Frankly, it's dazzling.

A few unhappy professors discovered it was possible, under certain circumstances, to import multiple copies of the same test question into the same test. This made us unhappy, too.

On Profile > Info, you couldn't enter a website without having Populi being all like "we had a pwobwum pwocessing this rekwest".

Usernames for failed logins were not appearing in the Account > Reporting > Logins report. We helpfully introduced this bug in a recent release, but this week we un-introduced it.

Like complete amateurs, we were counting unacknowledged reversed donations in the Unacknowledged Donations count. It's embarrassing to have to type that, but that's why you come here every week: to see the egg on our faces.

Sometimes we'd send you a Files Ready For Download email that would have a broken link to the files in question.


The man known only as "Josh From Populi" has another tutorial for you on the proper setup required to process financial aid.

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