August 9 to August 13, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

It's Friday the 13th, and you know what that means!

Well, in this context, it just means it's time for Populi release notes. Apologies if you were hoping for some kind of witchcraft or mayhem.

This week, the only shiny new thing we put out there was an API call known around here as addActivityFeedNote, which is described more fully here.


Background images on PDF transcripts from a particular third-party transcript clearinghouse service were displaying in Populi (in certain browsers) with the background images overlaid atop the text, rendering the text invisible. We updated something called a PDF Javascript library and that fixed the problem.

Fixed an issue where the Standing filter in the Academic Term > Students report would jumble your results because the filter would reset itself if you added more conditions.

Students on mobile apps could view draft-mode Syllabus content.

The Assignments view in courses was counting extra credit assignment groups towards the 100% total, leading to an unsightly red bar along the top of the screen.

The course Roster export was spitting out 0's in place of Canadian postal codes. The problem was the letters. We wrote to the government of Canadia and asked them to change their postal codes and they happily, politely complied, but the changes won't take effect until a hundred years from now. So in the interim, we made sure that export column can handle letters and numbers.


Students will be interested in these: how to check in to course meetings using an iPhone or Android.

Faculty will appreciate this pair of videos: how to set up a Bluetooth attendance beacon using an iPhone or the Android app.

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