August 16 to August 20, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now filter the Awards report in Financial Aid by whether or not the student has accepted the award.

We went to expose course pre-reqs, co-reqs, and other stuff via the API and then got kinda carried away... so now you can pull all course catalog info using the new getCatalogCourse API call.


Applicants could still submit payments for waived application fees. Despite the massive pecuniary benefits this afforded our customers, we decided to close this loophole. Sorry!

If you changed the 1098-T setting for an award in Financial Aid > Settings > Aid Awards, your update wouldn't stick. Added some glue to that setting.

Our name parser on Profiles was adding the middle initial E to people's last names, a highly-questionable choice to be sure.

Made sure SAP calculations would recalculate when you edited the definition and smashed the Save button.


We unveiled the person-merging tool a few weeks ago, and now our own Josh Stevenson wants to show you how to use it.

Should you need to reset someone's password, Gabe Stevenson has the low-down for you.

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