August 23 to August 27, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

All of your school's logged-in users can now use the Browse Resources tool in Library. (There's also a new Location selector on the main Search Resources screen.)

A couple new bulk actions in Financial-ville:

  • The Disbursements report in Financial Aid has a new Delete Scheduled Disbursements option.
  • The Transactions report now has bulk Void, Repost, and Reverse actions (depending on your selections in the Void/Reverse Transactions bit in Financial > Settings).

You know, we really kinda have a... a thing... for letting our users delete lots of stuff at the same time. In Library, there's a new Batch action to delete all resource copies in the batch. It deletes only the resource copy if other copies exist outside the batch, and deletes the resource copy and the resource if all copies are in the batch.

It goes without saying, but here it is anyway: Please bulk delete responsibly, everyone!

Oh, and Populi Account Administrators can now delete saved Admissions reports in Leads > Summary and Applications > Summary.

The new Ungraded Test Questions automation fires an email at a professor when a student submits a test that has answers that require manual grading. Even links right to the relevant To Be Graded page!

The Academic Term > Students report has a new column for Specialization info.

You can now excuse a student from a class meeting time before you take attendance without inadvertently marking everyone else Present.

In Account > Domains, Account Admins can select which domains can be used for user account/email account creation.

The Export Helper has been convinced to spit out the primary phone number for Emergency Contacts.

The Application Added automation contains a link to the applications internal Populi URL (the one visible to authorized, logged-in users).

And the Tuition Payment Received automation now lets you distinguish whether a payment was or wasn't third-party aid.


Fixed an issue with standing tags that was triggering multiple "Student's standing has changed" automation emails to send.

We used to let Staff users delete the Staff role from themselves. How silly is that? Not at all. This was no laughing matter. Wipe that grin off your smug little face.

Login approvals weren't available for people with no active roles.

If you undid a profile merge, the loser wouldn't get their tags back from the winner. Frankly, the winner profile was being kind of a bully about those tags. A bunch of tsk-tsking the winner profile didn't work, so we resorted to a software fix.

Fixed an issue with aid allocations that could demolish the accuracy of the Charges on Plan total on student payment plans.

Fixed an issue with enrollment agreements where they wouldn't generate for the proper term if superterms were enabled.

If a payment plan fee was set to be Refundable, certain Refund Policies would create an infinite loop of adding and deleting the plan fee.

The Canvas integration was having a bit of trouble retrieving 0 grades from Pass/Fail courses.


Josh Stevenson lobs out a few ideas about using our videos to help your students become familiar with Populi.

Gabe Stevenson provides assistance for users who've forgotten their username and/or password.

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