August 30 to September 3, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Spruced up the Import Students doohickey in course rosters: now it lets you set enrollment status (enrolled vs. auditor) for each student (and addresses a couple buggy things mentioned below).

Two new bulk actions in Library Resource Batches: Change Acquisition Date and Change Acquisition Source.

The Leads report lets you filter by who has or doesn't have a particular Communication Plan.

Speaking of Communication Plans, a new action in Academic Term > Faculty lets you dish out plans to the people on the list.

The Student Balances > Detail view has a new Has Payment Plan filter and bulk Tag/Untag Students actions.


The sprucing-up of the Import Students doohickey in course rosters was initiated because it was importing withdrawn and auditing students as enrolled, which is duuuumb.

The email we send you when your account logs into Populi on a new device incorrectly identified Microsoft Edge as Google Chrome.

Fixed some issues related to how the Populi-Canvas sync displayed grades for cross-listed courses.


This week, Josh walks through the process of creating awards and disbursing financial aid... and has fun doing it!

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