September 6 to September 10, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

In Library's Resource Batches tool, the export/print actions have been consolidated into a drop-down, as have the other bulk actions. And they're enabled/disabled depending on whether your batch has resources upon which you can take any such action. Win-win!

Fixed up the Student Info panel in Profile > Student so that if a student doesn't have an advisor, we don't clutter the screen with a useless Advisor: None field. This Loss for the Student Info panel is actually a Win for students, other Populi users, and higher education in general, I'd say.


A bug on transcript request forms would accept credit card info but charge the request fee to the student's account if your Transcript Request Charge method setting was pointed at Charge to account. When Populi Loses, so do our users. But when we're victorious over a bug, our users Win.

Fixed some email bounce issues (and the notifications that would ensue) connected with incorrectly-entered email addresses on online reference application fields. Email bounces are always in the Lose column, but better handling of them counts in my book as an unmitigated, unqualified Win.


"How do I use Discussions?" you ask? Gabe Stevenson would like to answer that question in return for less than four minutes of your time. Definitely going in the Win column for viewers of this video.

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