September 27 to October 1, 2021 Release Notes


Josh Stevenson led a live event earlier today (announced last week) discussing the setup required to generate transcripts, followed by a Q&A session. We'll be doing more such events in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Features & Improvements

We added a new setting to Account > Account Settings > Security that lets account admins give certain admin-level roles access to the profile-merging tool. Try it today!

Course > Dashboard now shows links for meeting times with certain types of URLs. Currently we allow the display of links for Zoom, Adobe Connect, Google Meet, Microsoft Forms, and Microsoft Teams.

Converted the Unpaid Invoices report in Billing to the Invoices report—it now lets you search for any invoice (including paid ones!) more easily than before; it still defaults to show unpaid bills.

Moved the OPE ID and Export Prefix settings over to Financial Aid > Settings > General. With robust premium features like this, we really should be charging you more. I'M JOKIIIINNNG!

On Financial > Accounting > General Ledger, when switching from Summary to Detail, we now preserve the time period condition.

Using deletePerson, you can now use the API to delete people.

Hey, you can also now get inactive on date info from the API's getLeads call.


In the real world, the name of Swaziland was changed to Eswatini in 2018. In Populi, it was changed in September, 2021. Ridonkulous.

Faculty office hours weren't adjusting for different time zones. Miserable.

Assignments that were linked on multiple pages of the same lesson only displayed for students the first time they appeared. Repugnant.

If you used a Localization to translate the Add files link in courses, the link would just do a spinny thing forever and ever rather than add your files. Revolting.

Ineligible courses were appearing to be apply-able to other course groups in the degree audit owing to some bad math with the minimum course grade requirements. Intolerable.

A course syncing issue would cause rubric criteria to duplicate themselves. Vile.

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