October 4 to October 8, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Updated some processing codes for ISIRs. This one should be popular with the teens! Teens love ISIR processing codes, and they also love the latest trends and fashions.

The Enrollments Report export weren't showing "contra-unit" values, so we upgraded the report to do so. This one should be popular with people who secretly despise that their school uses credits instead of hours and vice-versa.

The Invoices report let you filter by "Added At Time" but it would not export that column. The report now exports that column. We did this to pander to people who love to know exactly when an invoice was created.


Fixed a bug that kept sending group-calendar event reminders to people who had been removed from the group—whether they had been exiled, pilloried, run-out-of-town-on-a-rail, shunned, or just removed in the ordinary course of things. To make this group of people happy, we stopped sending them the reminders.

Fixed a bug where if you emailed someone from their Profile using an address marked "No mailings", we would bounce the email (No Mailings is meant to keep you off mass emails like from a Mailing List, etc.). We fixed this to make ourselves happy, actually. Gotta treat yourself sometimes.

Emails sent when you accept an application show on the Activity Feed with the visibility set to private. Information wants to be free (that is, visible to the appropriate people), so we did this one for the information.

When students took a gander at the Sent Email view, we'd throw a big red error in their curious faces if they clicked to see the recipients of a particular email. Curiosity is a virtue, so we did this one for the first for the abstract notion of curiosity, and secondarily for the particular, enfleshed students affected by this error.

If you were sending an email to a student with a Preferred name, we'd sometimes tell you that the email address was "improperly formed". Bug fixed in the interest of proper formation WHICH NOW INCLUDES PREFERRED NAMES.


Josh Stevenson asks himself How do I make a program? but his response is actually applicable to everyone!

If you're into transcript layouts and want to know more about them, this video is a great place to start.

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