November 8 to November 12, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Just setting expectations here: every single one of these features will radically transform all of higher education and put it on a rocket ship to the future.

If you thought Forms was big, try this on for size: Communications > Reporting > Problem Emails has a new Bulk Resolve action.

Years ago we added Financial features to Populi. And this week? We started changelogging any modifications made to fees and fee rules.

Admissions has been part of Populi from the get-go, and we've done nothing but improve it since then. But this week, we reached a high mountain peak we may never again attain: if you have multiple localizations set up, you can now set a default locale for application forms.

Okay, a mountain peak of equal height: the API's addApplication call has a new skip_existing_application_check parameter that lets you add multiple applications with the same application template to a lead.

A hillock in sight of the two mountain peaks: the Change Log now keeps track of application form creation and deletion.

Populi Financial Aid completely transmogrified the processing of loans and grants. But now it also features a VA Benefits award type that doesn't count against need and feeds the proper information into the CFP. It now also only permits you to offer a student one Pell Grant per year. What's more, it only allows whole dollar refunds to awards that are set to work in whole dollar amounts. And if that's not enough, students can only accept awards if all of their aid application components are set to Accepted.

Populi Courses have injected more knowledge into more skulls than any technology ever, and it just got even more game-changing with the addition of schedule conflict warnings that appear when a student is moved from Waiting to Enrolled on course Rosters.

Part of that knowledge-syringe is online tests, which feature a new duplicate-question checker thingamabob that fires up whenever you import questions from another course or a third-party question bank.

The revolutionary course features keep coming: the Lessons WYSIWYG editor now handles—rather robustly, we might add—inline CODE BLOCKS.

Bookstore's online shopping features have simply avalanched cash into our customers' coffers. The blowout continues with the addition of refund transaction descriptions to the information we send to

Speaking of cash avalanches, can we talk about Populi Donations for a minute here? Like the fact that we added a YEAR variable to custom annual donations summary layouts? Or that the Donors report has a last donation date/amount filter and column export?

Academic reporting powers Populi power-users with powerful reporting powers. And now the Enrollments report exports term start/end dates with the "Date" flag in XLS. And the IPEDS preset includes Outcome Measures.

Populi's got webhooks, but you knew that because you've been using webhooks to deliver best-in-breed data-driven solutions to key stakeholders for years. And now we've gone and added Student_ID to the expandable properties of Enrollment Added webhook automations.


Found a dumb stupid bug that messed up the Add Course dialog if you added a faculty member with a really long full name.

The knuckleheaded address filter wouldn't return results for a State/Province's full name.

Like a real pinhead, certain Android phones wouldn't play embedded videos, treating them as dead links rather than high-quality educational streaming content.

The blockheads known as Recurring Payment Payment history and future deadlines views wouldn't show future payment deadlines, just the next one.

That silly no-good getDataSlicerReport call wasn't returning no data to nobody.

A stupendous ninnyhammer, invoice-level payment plan fees would not be connected to the term the invoice was part of.


Josh Stevenson takes us stem to stern on how to set up a course Syllabus.

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