November 15 to November 19, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We updated a little website we like to call with some new drawings and new words and some other stuff. Have a look!

Set up the problem-saving elves that auto-save student answers on online tests with some new tools and spiffy new uniforms that'll help them catch various issues that arise with auto-saving test questions—including a nice little Retry button.

Now if you inadvertently delete an online reference from a student's application, you can restore it right from the interface rather than bothering us about it because we got better things to do like fix that leak in the HVAC system that apparently can't handle a few widdle autumn leaves falling on it.

Over in API-land, Academic Auditors joined the vaunted company of users that can make use of the getUsers, getUpdatedPeople, getTermEnrollment, and getStudentInfo calls, all of which were formerly Premium Elite-tier API calls.


Push notifications for Group posts would not link back to said Group post on certain iOS devices, linking rather to a PDF of an expired supermarket circular from mid-2019.

On the Degree Audit, a customer found a problem THAT WE PROMPTLY SOLVED where unused transfer courses were not displaying but were nonetheless counting in the program totals shown atop the Audit.

The Charges/Credits report did not want to do its job when you filtered to show Totals by Student and Charge Type = Room Plan.

If you imported a contact who A) turned out to be a duplicate and B) had a new or different Home Address and C) then merged that person, the remaining profile would not show a City in the Home Address.


Josh Stevenson asks, "How do I finalize a course?", but the I in that sentence actually refers to You, the Faculty or TA or Registrar or Academic Admin.

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