April 4 to April 8, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now denote additional course faculty as Hidden (students cannot see that they are observing the course) or Read-only (they can see everything regular faculty can, but cannot otherwise interact with the course). Or both!

Automations can now trigger actions based on events with course groups. For example, "If a student withdraws from anything in the Electives course group, email these three people."

Another subscribable event: when someone requests to join a closed group, the group's admins will get an email about it.

Your Populi account administrator woke up this morning to discover that he now has the power to bulk-reassign incomplete To-Dos.

You can now charge a convenience fee for PayPal transactions.

Some new authorization options in financial aid:

  • Excess Aid will let financial aid funds be applied to invoice items that have been marked as not eligible for aid.
  • FWS Credit Account will allow FWS funds to be applied directly to the student's account.

When a violation or consequence is created or removed/deleted, we now changelog that!

When creating or editing an aid type, you can now save it without being forced to enter an asset account. Handy if you're new to the feature and don't yet have the asset accounts set up.

You can now edit all course delivery methods, even the ones we've built in.

Academics > Reporting > Attendance now includes filters for student program and campus.


Found some places in the mobile apps that weren't set up for localization, so we went ahead and set those up for localization.

When creating a new disbursement batch, we weren't keeping up with the selected aid types when toggling between batch groups. So we started keeping up with the selected aid types when toggling between batch groups.

Inquiry Added events were displaying the wrong times on Activity Feeds. So we started displaying the correct times on Activity Feeds for Inquiry Added events.

Payment gateway processing fees appeared to not get recorded on online orders in Bookstore. It appeared not because it was not. Now they appear to be recorded because they are being recorded.

Academics > Reporting > Analytics was spitting out bad data that confused XLS exports. We stopped confusing XLS exports by stopping the spitting out of bad data.


It's a perfect day to watch Josh Stevenson talk about Course Evaluations... or, as they're known in the biz, Evals.

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