December 13 to December 17, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

There's a new signature-type field for Forms which lets you collect a typed or scribbled signature from your respondents.

A few improvements in Library:

  • The timepicker for setting Library hours doesn't default to the current time any more.
  • We've pre-loaded some common label templates.
  • Loads of invisible technical updates to the 1's and 0's that keep Library humming along.

We started changelogging everything we could think of to changelog about course groups and course equivalencies.

Disbursement batches now record who over-rode any of the batch's steps, a thing that sometimes has to happen.

Aid types marked Veterans Benefits have now been converted to a new VA type which shows up in CFP.

After a huge outcry (and a social media campaign that verged on the slanderous at times—sheesh, you people!), we added a way to un-retire aid classification types.

In case you didn't know, there's an option to let Populi automatically-update your SAIG password for you. And now that option is smarter, faster, stronger, better, and available in seven festive holiday scents.

Added a new name variable for custom transcripts that lets mono-named student names display properly. Now you can finally print transcripts for Sadé, Sting, Slash, Bono, Beck and any other uppity musicians at your school.

A new setting lets you specify who to notify when a student fails a prerequisite course—email student and advisors; email student, advisors, and Registrars; or email Registrars and don't remove the student from the course.


Payment plans could sometimes apply the wrong payment schedule under very specific circumstances, but it quit doin' that.

The Academic Term > Courses XLS export was including the wrong add/drop dates, which it now doesn't do no more.


Even though it's still 2021, Josh (almost) overcomes considerable obstacles to take a look back at the major Populi headlines from 2021.

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