January 10 to January 14, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We're planning some good stuff for a release pretty soon. But since none of it has been released yet, I'm not gonna tell you about any of it. Them's the breaks!


The Internal Revenue Service updated their e-File "FIRE" formatting in miniscule ways (e.g. "Updated Blank field to Field Position 271-286"; that is, it moved a few pixels of text over a few spaces) which would cause Populi-generated 1098-T e-File files to be rejected. Hopefully this wasn't a problem for you since you don't even need to file that stuff for several more weeks (see the video, below, for more about that).

Fixed some oddball bug that wouldn't trigger credit card processing fees for transcript requests and donations.

Academic Auditor users couldn't find catalog courses via search. They'd have to trundle all the way over to Academics > Course Catalog like some kind of medieval peasant. Now the search works for them, and it's like they're rocketing around Populi in a space shuttle.


It's almost tax season! For some of you, it's already tax season! (I myself only observe tax season for a few hours on April 14th of each year). Anyway, Josh Stevenson has a detailed video about 1098-Ts in Populi. Make yourself some hot chocolate, maybe pour some brandy in it, and celebrate the season!

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