January 17 to January 21, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

I swear, we really do have some good features that we're gonna release soon! This week, however, all I have for you is that we asked the changelog to start recording when a course in the degree audit was manually added or removed from a course group (it cheerfully complied with our request).


I swear, we really do have some great bugfixes that we're gonna release soon! Actually, this one is on y'all, because first you need to bump into those bugs and report them to us. To encourage you to fight the good fight, here are some bugs we fixed this week:

Fees posted to student Financial Dashboards could sometimes not appear on the T2202A form.

Someone found out that you can designate your school's Populi Account Administrator and/or Billing Contact as the Loser (it's a technical term) when using the Profile Merge tool. Now you can't!

Auditor system tags might not have rolled over properly if you switched an auditing student over to enrolled.


Josh Stevenson looks at the camera and kinda speaks with his hands while describing our customer story with Arizona Christian University.

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