January 24 to January 28, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

This week featured neither features nor improvements. I'll be honest, best case scenario for next week is something like "added a new abbreviation to a column heading on an obscure Library export". But there's definitely some attention-getting stuff in the pipeline!

Okay, this is attention-getting, but we didn't release it this week, so the above comment still stands...

...You can now connect your school's PayPal business account to Populi, giving your payers a Pay with PayPal button on the various online payment pages scattered throughout Populi. This article describes the setup process and goes into more detail than this release note could ever hope to.

Oh, and this, but it's definitely on the "new column abbreviation" level: Added a variable named {!RECIPIENT_PREFIX!} to donation summary layouts.


Students could take a gander at their required reading lists in Bookstore and see all kinds of random stuff that was definitely not required or even optional for their courses. We cleaned that one up.

Addressed some oversights where it was impossible to print library cards for students on Contacts > People, which previously only let you do so if a person had the Library Patron role, which students didn't necessarily have, which is perhaps one too many "which" clauses for this sentence, which is starting to run-on a bit, which is making me tired enough of this joke to finally nip this miserable note in the proverbial bud.

We, up until this week, would let you apply a payment plan WHOSE AUTO-REMOVE DATE WAS ALREADY PAST to a student; within the hour, the plan would be automatically removed from said student and people would get angry at Populi. We hate conflict and fixed this in order to avoid more of it.


Josh Stevenson talks about storing files on student profiles and learns something startling about socks.

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